Samosay is all about Samosa, an all time favourite Indian Snack.

Best quality ingredients are used to prepare the Samosa which is fried in healthy, cholesterol free refined oil. Having a balanced combination of Saturated Fats, Mono-unsaturated Fats and Poly-unsaturated Fats; which is a known heart friendly combination.

The company plans to open 500 small retail outlets across various cities. These outlets will be franchise operated in three different models. will be selling more than 20 varieties of veg. and non-veg. Samosas prepared separately in a hygienic and modern kitchen. A bite of the protein rich low fat health food Samosa will be enough to make you forget the age old Samosas you have be eating so far.

So say goodbye to all the junk food and say welcome to Mazedaar Indian Food.


In manufacturing, we are proud of our unique and well-maintained facilities in food processing technique. All our samosas are prepared separately in a hygienic and modern kitchen for veg. and non veg., with NO PRESERVATIVE ADDED

BUSINESS MODEL- Restaurant And Base Kitchen

  • Area: 100 to 300sq ft
  • Products: 22 Varieties Samosa, Veg.-Non Veg. Samosa Platters , Samosa Chats,Veg and Non Veg Burgers, French Fries, Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Basket, Veg & Non Veg Sandwiches, Shakes, Ice Cream, Tea, Coffee and Drinks.
  • Kitchen: There should be Kitchen facility to prepare Samosa as mentioned above. It may be with in the restaurant or outside the restaurant.
  • Serving Method: We are using “Prepare on Order” concept that involved no heavy cooking at outlet. The Samosas only needs to have deep frying and serve with special sauces.
  • Electricity: Electric Fryer, chiller, freezer, lighting, water drainage.

Franchising opportunity is now available. Become an entrepreneur with lowest possible investment. You do not require any special skills. All you have to do is to manage the outlet that is quite easy to operate.

We will provide you comprehensive training, support, business advise, branding, operations, sales promotions and marketing. We will also help our franchises to negotiate with the centre manager for the cheapest possible rent.

Making a profitable franchise is our paramount goal which we aim to achieve it by keeping our joining fee and ongoing cost very low and provide you with high-value support. We have been very innovative and pro-active in achieving this goal. Becoming our franchisee gives you a number of great benefits that are not limited to the following:

  • Low investment (ideal for entrepreneur with low start up capital).
  • Low risk
  • High income
  • Easy to operate and manage
  • Full training provided
  • Assistance with lease negotiations
  • Access to all recipes
  • Regular supply
  • Assistance with marketing, branding and POS
  • Experience the return of investment in months

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